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Лого Battle Recruits Full

Battle Recruits Full


Скриншот Battle Recruits Full №1Скриншот Battle Recruits Full №2Скриншот Battle Recruits Full №3

Battle Recruits Full - стараемся уничтожить замок врага.

Battle Recruits is a fun, fast-paced 'Snake'-like Tower Attack game, where you can choose to play as one of many unique Heroes, all with specialized abilities! Gather your troops on the battlefield while avoiding the dangerous obstacles, then unleash them in order to destroy the enemy castle!


● Many unique Hero characters, all with special game-changing abilities!
● Unlockable unique Troops! Collect them all!
● Never-ending gameplay!
● Programmatically-generated levels ensure each game is unique for each player!
● Ladder-ranking Level system, see what's the highest level you can reach!

Easily the most fun and original 'SNAKE'-style game you will ever play!

Android 2.3 и выше

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