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Лого Bajrangi Fighter

Bajrangi Fighter


Скриншот Bajrangi Fighter №1Скриншот Bajrangi Fighter №2Скриншот Bajrangi Fighter №3Скриншот Bajrangi Fighter №4

Bajrangi Fighter - девушку главного героя игры похитили недоброжелатели. Теперь Вы должны сделать все возможное, чтобы освободить её. Отличный файтинг на андроид.

Bajrangi surprised to see his Aisha kidnapped from Srinagar, Kashmir! Bajrangi given promise to Aisha that he will leave Aisha to her hometown, but in between this tragedy happened when he returned from Mumbai. His room is unusual and he got the clue about the Kidnapper’s on a piece of paper about their group. These Kidnappers are from the Ali’s group and the most wanted list in Indian and Pakistan! It’s not easy to rescue her! You as a Bajrangi to smartly fight with the Kidnapper’s group and rescue your Aisha without giving any clues to Kidnapper’s Boss Ali which may be dangerous to your Aisha! There are five stages and each stage consists of task to be completed in order to crack the route to final battle fight with Ali! Rescue of your Cute Aisha begins now! Jai Bajarang Bali!

1. Real time 3D fighting sequences;
2. Deadly fights, and more than one attacking enemies at a time;
3. Different weapons as you go;
4. Camera view changes according to the fighting sequences;
5. Difficulty increases level on level.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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