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Лого Armies & Ants

Armies & Ants


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Armies & Ants - 3D стратегия на андроид, в которой Вы будете управлять уникальными героями и армиями для сражений с другими игроками.

Armies & Ants is a fast paced 3D strategy action game where you control Unique Heroes and Armies to battle against other players.

Collect Heroes, build up the Ant Colony, train Armies, and steal resources with friends from all around the world.

Control insect robot Armies whose abilities combined with the Heroes Skills provides new strategies and battle experiences.

Evolve the heart of you Colony, the huge Ant Queen which defend your Colony and provides more defensive and offensive technologies.




- Free-to-play;
- Unlock new Heroes and Level them up;
- Each Hero has a unique Skill Tree to upgrade;
- Create armies and full-control them in battle;
- Singleplayer missions;
- Attack other Colonies in PvP mode;
- Create your own Clan and fight for positions in the Clan League System;
- Declare War against other Clans for Sugar and resources;
- Engage Clan Tournaments and other Events;
- Play & Chat with Millions of Players all over the World.

Note: An internet connection is required to play Armies & Ants.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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