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Скриншот ARCATRIS 2 №1Скриншот ARCATRIS 2 №2Скриншот ARCATRIS 2 №3Скриншот ARCATRIS 2 №4

ARCATRIS 2 - увлекательная головоломка для игроков всех возрастов. Тетрис на андроид в новом оформлении и с красивыми эффектами.

ARCATRIS 2 is fast-paced puzzle fun for players of every age. It trains your combination skills as well as your reaction speed and is the perfect buddy in your doctor's waiting room, during a TV commercial break or whenever you want to spend some time with an entertaining, but challenging puzzle game.

The objective is simple but challenging: turn and move the falling bricks to fill all gaps before your lines reach the top of the playfield. Completed lines with no gaps in it will be removed. Remove as much lines as quick as possible to gain bonuses! Don't ponder too much -as faster your gameplay, as more points and bonuses you'll earn.

- Four difficulty modes to fit beginners, advanved and hardcore players.
- Global leaderboard: try to compete with other players! Can you earn a top ranking? Will you be able to hold your ranking?
- Easy and intuitive controls (touch or buttons, whatever you prefer).
- Suitable for both, left- and right-handers (see "Settings" menu).
- Completely in English language -no crappy automatic translations!
- Fast-paced gameplay, awesome visual effects and a hot soundtrack.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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