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Скриншот ANGEL RUN №1Скриншот ANGEL RUN №2Скриншот ANGEL RUN №3Скриншот ANGEL RUN №4

Увлекательная 3D игра на андроид в жанре раннер. Есть один минус - иероглифы, но играть можно...

Introducing the more powerful ANGEL RUN
Are you ready to run in order to survive?
ANGEL RUN, the most striking figure in the world of free running games can add a delightful and thrilling experience to you.

★ Features of the Game ★

If you are curious, keep playing ANGEL RUN loaded with new ideas, stimulating items and intriguing game play.

- Utilizing UNITY 3D-based higher speed and quality;
- Fancy avatar costumes and a rewarding achievement system;
- Simple and easy to play with just one finger on the screen of your phone to follow Angel in every direction;
- Suitable for female users thanks to amusement of raising characters and charmingly decorated avatar's;
- Effective items chosen at random from lost properties at the beginning of the game help Angel run fast and tide over obstacles.
- Reaching the next goal gives you the same level of bonus points and full charge of angel rings.
- You can maintain 10 second-fever mode to gain the strongest boosters and a special magnet conditions with three-time charge of coin gauge.

Android 2.2 и выше

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