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Лого Ancient Fear

Ancient Fear


Скриншот Ancient Fear №1Скриншот Ancient Fear №2Скриншот Ancient Fear №3Скриншот Ancient Fear №4

Ancient Fear - одна из лучших РПГ игр на андроид в 2015 году (по мнению разработчиков).

The peak of RPG in 2015 comes to you!
With fantastic 3D frames, Ancient Greek mythology will be shown in your eyes. You will be totally shocked by the new magic world which is with carefree operation system and amazing battle.
* One finger to control perfectly
- Slide to dodge easily
- Move with releasing skills
* Guardian Fights With You
- To be Athena, Zeus or Goddess of the Dawn? It’s your choice.
- Diverse guardians and buff as you like.
* The normal equipment can be the most powerful
- The instance gives your equipment and make it stronger.
- You can obtain additional attribution after collecting set.



* Group Battle, Exclusive Instance, PVP
- One on One battle, group of monsters can be beat down easily.
- Exclusive instance of team and alliance, gather your friends and Fight.
- PVP qualifier, Guardian will fight together.
* Fashion And Skill As You Like
- Diverse skills and serial attack as you want.
- Special fashion system to create exclusive constellation set
Warriors! Set foot on the journey to save the world with your comrades!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.2 и выше

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