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Лого Allstar Heroes

Allstar Heroes


Скриншот Allstar Heroes №1Скриншот Allstar Heroes №2Скриншот Allstar Heroes №3Скриншот Allstar Heroes №4

Allstar Heroes - неплохая экшн-РПГ игра на андроид.

The #1 Android game in Asia with over 80 million players, now available in English!

Build your own team of Heroes and battle your way through a world filled with danger and mysteries. Challenge other players in the arenas, evolve your Heroes to unlock devastating skills, and choose between brute strength and magic abilities to rid the world of the evil Darkness!

Hundreds of weapons, armour and magical items to choose from!
Build your Team with over 120,000 possible combinations!
80 million players worldwide waiting for you!



● Dozens of unique Heroes, with tens of thousands of battle formations;
● Special Skills, that cause massive damage to your enemies;
● Evolve your Heroes to make them more powerful, and equip them with an array of awesome weapons;
● Tackle challenging Stages on your journey to ridding the world of the Darkness;
● Interrupt enemy Skills, and turn battles in your favour;
● Compete against thousands of players to become champion of the Arena;
● Test the strength of your Team by challenging your friends in Bluetooth battles;
● Control your whole Team with just one finger.

Android 2.2 и выше

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