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Лого 2 Pixels

2 Pixels


Скриншот 2 Pixels №1Скриншот 2 Pixels №2Скриншот 2 Pixels №3

2 Pixels - минималистичная аркада на синхронность.
2 Pixels is a vertical scrolling action game that will push your skills to the limit! Tap and hold on one of the pixels to control it and the other pixel will move on the opposite direction. You’ll need to maneuver those pixels and avoid having contact with the obstacles, the game gets harder and harder as you progress. Rack up your best score and be the envy of your friends on this challenging game.

- FREE to play!
- Simple and Minimalistic graphics that will let you focus on the game;
- Single touch control.
- Endless gameplay that will test your reaction and maneuvering skills;
- Post and let your friends see your highscore on Facebook.
- Engaging music.

Android 2.3 и выше

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